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Global Artists Consortium , Knight Webb Gallery Brixton, 54 Atlantic Road London 19-27 Oct 2013

ANGÆA Global Artists Consortium
Open to the public throughout October 2013, free of charge
V.I.P. Reception 19 October, 14.00 by invitation only. Pangæa Artists Consortium introduces a new generation of global artists onto the London contemporary art scene, as well as re-introduces genius abstract painters of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. These artists hail from Nigeria, Cameroon, Germany, the United Kingdom, and China. The goal of the initiative is to bring together the raw expressive power of primitivism with the aesthetic discipline of Western modernism.
Amongst the established artists in the collective are Rufus Knight-Webb (UK) and Juliane Hundertmark (Germany), two of the most highly regarded abstract painters of their generation. The newer generation of artists includes Afro Expressionist painter Adjani from Cameroon, who was long-listed for the coveted Threadneedle Prize, Abe Odedina, whose work is currently on tour with The National Portrait Gallery, and the sculptor Lesley Hilling (UK). The initiative has seen tremendous support from the community, both within Brixton and the wider London art community.


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